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Tappero Merlo Acini Perduti

Tappero Merlo Acini Perduti is a medium weight, dry, still white wine.  It is composed of 50% Erbaluce and 50% Malvasia Moscata. The Erbaluce contributes apple and mineral to the blend, while the almost forgotten Malvasia Moscata provides tropical notes and softness. 



Grape Varieties



Vineyard Care







Serving Temperature


Vino Bianco


50% Malvasia Moscata
50% Erbaluce 

Dry, still white wine

The soils are morainic; mostly sand, with some silt and clay

No chemicals, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers used.  The vineyard, which was planted in 2014 is at 970 feet elevation.  There are 1,800 vines per acre.

Indigenous yeasts are used for fermentation in 500 liter tonneau.  


This is a multi-vintage wine. The Erbaluce remains in tonneau barrels for a year, and is blended with fresh Malvasia Moscata. Minimal sulfur added only at bottling.


Certified organic vineyard with some biodynamic practices. 

55°F  (16°C)

5 years

Tappero Merlo_Acini Perduti_Wine in Glas
Tappero Merlo_Acini Perduti_Flavor Chart


Medium Lemon


Grapes, peach, pineapple, green apple.  Soft, broad with lower acid.


Ripe green grapes, nectarine, pear, lychee, marshmallow, peach juice, acacia flower, apricot.


Savory cakes, vegetable risotto or pasta, mushrooms, Asian dishes, fish, bottarga, goat cheese, medium aged cheeses. Salty, smoky or high fat foods.

Why We Love This Wine

The story of Tappero Merlo Acini Perduti begins with the discovery of a book from 1606. In it, G.B.Croce wrote an essay entitled "The Excellence and Diversity of the Wines that are Made in the Mountains of Turin." He describes a grape long forgotten to us; "Long grapes, and thick with long grains, it is good to eat and to make wine." This grape is the Malvasia Moscata. It was sometimes blended with another native grape, Erbaluce, to make a style of wine popular in the area. While the grape Erbaluce flourished and even received a DOCG, Malvasia Moscata was forgotten over the centuries. The unknown grape is not approved by the DOC, so it can only be labeled as a Vino Bianco.  

Acini Perduti is a mineral driven, dry, still white wine with exotic notes that can paired with a large variety of foods. At refrigerator temperature, the wine smells and tastes like Erbaluce, albeit a lighter one than KIN. That is, like apples – almost like a Chardonnay. Time in the glass sees a little more aromatic articulacy emerge. The Malvasia Moscata comes out as the wine warms, with green grapes, honeydew, and lychee notes. Aromas redolent of Gewürztraminer. The wine is very soft and broad on the palate, with medium acidity. A bright mineral note extends the finish.

$31 / Bottle

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Tappero Merlo




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$31 / Bottle

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Critics Review

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This unique wine is a blend of 70% Malvasia Moscata and 30% Erbaluce grown 970 feet in the mountains of Piedmont. Aromas of chamomile, white tea, dried apricots and wild herbs pour from the glass. The palate shines with white peach and jasmine notes that give way to crushed stones and vibrant acidity. This is just a cool and delicious wine. 

— Jeff Porter, Wine Enthusiast


About the Winery

Being loyal and respectful to your "terroir" is fundamental to reach original and authentic results. Protecting and saving what was donated to us by past generations is the strongest and most revolutionary act we could do today. These are the philosophies of Domenico Tappero Merlo.He wants to narrate the story of his land through Erbaluce, and now Malvasia Moscata. Acini Perduti translates to "Berries Lost" or Lost Grapes.

Images Courtesy of Tappero Merlo

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