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Giovanetto Azienda Agricola

Giovanetto Azienda Agricola Sogno d'an Piole

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Medium ruby


Chocolate and unripe cherry. Softer than straight Nebbiolo


Plum blossoms, green peppercorns, black cherry, red plum, violets, chocolate, and blueberry


Pasta with braised meat sauces, sausages, barbecue, burgers, smoked meats, and roast chicken

Why We Love This Wine

Giovanetto Sogno d'An Piole is an ancient blend, typical of the dry red Italian wine that would have been found here (and Carema) in the 1700s. As the last descendant in a long line, this wine keeps the tradition alive. It has long been known and appreciated by a restricted circle of individuals, and we am so proud to share it with a larger audience. The color is darker than straight Nebbiolo, due to the addition of Vernassa. The aromatics have a beautiful contrast of sweet floral and pepper notes that I adore, while the taste is fuller bodied and fruitier. The other three varietals also soften Nebbiolo (similar to the way Merlot softens Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux).
The Giovanetto Sogno d’An Piole blend is comprised of Nebbiolo, Vernassa dal Picul Rus, Neretto Gentile and Neretto Nostrano. The later three varieties are rarely seen outside of the Canavese. Vernassa dal Picul Rus (also called Nerdala), was accurately selected looking for the old clones, so to find the same varieties used by our ancestors. It contributes aromas of violet and white pepper, along with body and freshness. The two Neretto varieties are over 100 years old, with peculiar shapes recalling old men curved by the tough years lived. The wine produced from them is pale, delicate, and low in alcohol.

Translated into "Dreaming under the Posts," this elegant wine is a recreation of a Nebbiolo blend from the 1700's. It is composed of Nebbiolo and the never before imported Vernasa dal Picul Rus. There is a small amount of Neretto as well. This blend is darker, more floral, and a little softer than straight Nebbiolo.


Grape Varieties




Vine Training





Canavese DOC


Nebbiolo, Neretto Gentile, Neretto Nostrano, Vernasa dal Picul Rus

Dry, red wine

Morainic; mostly sand, with some silt and clay

Vineyards planted between 300 and 350 meters elevation, with a south to southwestern aspect.


Vines are trained in overhead pergolas and planted on rock terraces. Grapes are harvested in small hand carried containers in early October.

Temperature controlled fermentation in steel for 15-20 days.

1 year in 500 litre French Durmast barrels then bottled and aged another six months before release.


64°F  (18°C)



Up to 8 years

Serving Temperature


$34 / Bottle

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$34 / Bottle



d'an Piole


About the Winery

Azienza Agricola Giovanetto was founded in 2005 with the purpose of preserving the stunning vineyards nestled into the rocks of the Piole hamlet. Previously, these terraced vineyards were tended by older enthusiasts, until there was no further generations to continue. Luckily, Adriano Giovanetto stepped in and continues the tradition. The winery has two aims; one to preserve this unique and extremely important landscape, and the other to produce traditional products, including two wines and an olive oil.

Images Courtesy of Giovanetto Azienda Agricola

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