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Blue House Wines is committed to finding and importing distinctive wines of character from Northern Italy.

The wines we carry were born in the mountains, from glacier and rock. Many grow on centuries-old stone terraces, taking advantage of the sunlight as they climb onto overhead pergolas. The growing season is short but bright. The steepness of the terrain prevents the existence of large vineyards. We embrace the idea that wine is a product of the passionate farmer and their connection to a unique piece of land. Our goal is to showcase authentic and soulful wines from this alpine corner of the world.

"The Blue House" 

Although founded in early 2019, Blue House Wines has been 20 years in the making.  While in college, Max tried to import wine, but was turned down as he was not yet 21 years old.  Here, the idea was born. The majority of his college time was spent in a beautiful older house across the street from campus, affectionately known to friends as “The Blue House”.  It has since been painted white.

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Image by Wendell Shinn
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Max Roher

Sommelier / Sales

Kira_Table Pic.jpg

Kira Roher

Design / Marketing

Max was born in Michigan, but had an international upbringing, growing up in Italy, Canada, Arizona and the United Kingdom. Wherever they happened to live, his family always visited relatives in the Italian regions of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta. Wine was part of life there, and it tasted incredible. Bottles were on the table for every meal, and the table was not set until there was at least one bottle open. Yet, no one ever spoke of it –“Oh that is from the neighbor.” was the typical answer. 


After becoming a Sommelier and a 15 year career in wine hospitality, Max set out to find who these “neighbors” were, and the wines are even more incredible than remembered.

Certified Sommelier.png

At 10 years old, Kira knew that she loved graphic design. After receiving her degree in Art & Design from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, she returned to her Bay Area roots. In her design career she has worked with a myriad of products, ranging from Consumer Electronics to Beauty.


She loves designing in both print and digital media, and brings her creative touch to Blue House Wines and their Italian wine brands. Kira and Max met in 2007, and they now live in Sonoma County with their two children. Besides wine, Kira really digs Jazz music and stout beer.

+1 415-310-9598    Santa Rosa, California

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