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"It tastes like a very sunny sky might taste if one could drink it!" wrote Charles G. Bode in 1956. Soave ushered in the modern Italian white wine; light, fresh, fruity and affordable. The grape is Garganega, with some versions including Trebbiano, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay or even Riesling. It is grown on overhead pergolas as well as more modern wires, and both steep hillside and flat plain. This white wine, with flavors of lemon and almond, is both very agreeable and dependable.

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Soave is located near the town of Verona in western Veneto. There a huge and famous Castillo di Soave dominating over the town and surrounding area. Behind the castle are hills full of vineyards. In front of it are flat plains, also covered in vineyards. The original Soave zone was demarcated in 1927 with 2,700 acres (1100 hectares) of hillside vineyards.

The wines enjoyed immense popularity in the 1960's and the surrounding plains were planted as well, except that these sites made more simple wine. Over 80% of growers were selling to the co-op or giant factories, which churned out huge quantities of basic wine in tall green bottles. The official Soave DOC came in 1968, and included all vineyards around the town. However, the growers from the original 1927 demarcation were able to get Soave Classico DOC, which is considered higher quality.

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