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Giovanetto Azienda Agricola Canavese Nebbiolo

Young and fresh, Giovanetto Canavese Nebbiolo is a perfect example of how great Nebbiolo can be. These vines grow right at the funnel entrance of Valle d'Aosta on steep terraces.  Some are 100 years old. The wine is the palest garnet, with more fruit than earth. Truly a masterpiece among dry Italian red wines! 


Grape Varieties




Vine Training








Serving Temperature

Canavese DOC


100% Nebbiolo

Dry, red wine

Morainic; mostly sand, with some silt and clay

Vineyards planted between 300 and 350 meters elevation, with a south to southwestern aspect.


Vines are trained in overhead pergolas and planted on rock terraces. Grapes are harvested in small hand carried containers in early October.

Temperature controlled fermentation in steel for 15-20 days.

1 year in 500 litre French Durmast barrels then bottled and aged another six months before release.


61°F  (16°C)

Up to 20 years

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Pale garnet with orange rim


Youthful, fruity Nebbiolo with red cherry, mint, dry leaves, and nutmeg. Very little oak.


Strawberry, raspberry, stewed tomato, chocolate, peat, and clove


Milk-fed veal, red sauce pastas, Fontina or aged Pecorino cheeses, duck, prosciutto

Why We Love This Wine

If we were told that we could only drink one grape variety for the rest of our lives, our choice would be Nebbiolo. A major reason is its diversity. Nebbiolo wines can range from tannic, austere, and oaky and take years to unfold, or they can be lighter, fruity, and pleasant. The Giovanetto Canavese Nebbiolo is the fruitiest and least tannic of the dry red Italian wines in our lineup, and can be enjoyed immediately. Concerning food, we find it pairing better with dishes more associated with Sangiovese like red sauces, than with dishes associated with Barolo such as heavy meat stews. It would also make a wonderful by-the-glass pour at restaurants.  


The vineyards where these grapes are grown are about as beautiful as any we have ever seen. They are located at the exact point where the plains and the Alps meet. Look in one direction and you can see the plains of Piemonte, stretching out as far as the eye can see. Turn the other direction and snow-capped mountains dominate the landscape. The vineyard is terraced and the vines are trained in overhead pergolas, traditional for this region. The land and winery are managed to have the lowest environmental impact possible. Previously these wines were only available to a small group of local connoisseurs. Only a small portion of the wines are aged in oak.

$43 / Bottle


$43 / Bottle

Giovanetto Azienda Agricola



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Critics Review

Aromas of sun-warmed red fruit, dried flowers, and a touch of earth pave the way for a palate featuring flavors of vibrant raspberry, aged tobacco and a firm, enduring structure. This wine pairs wonderfully with hearty pasta dishes or aged cheeses.

— Jeff Porter, Wine Enthusiast

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About the Winery

Azienza Agricola Giovanetto was founded in 2005 with the purpose of preserving the stunning vineyards nestled into the rocks of the Piole hamlet. Previously, these terraced vineyards were tended by older enthusiasts, until there were no further generations to continue. Luckily, Adriano Giovanetto stepped in and continues the tradition. The winery has two aims; one to preserve this unique and extremely important landscape, and the other to produce traditional products, including two wines and an olive oil.

Images Courtesy of Giovanetto Azienda Agricola

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