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Carema Classico

Carema Classico has one of the most beautiful colors in all of the world in wine—palest garnet with a very orange edge. The nose is subtle and fresh, with ripe strawberry, blueberry, dried roses, potpourri, clove, chalk, and nutmeg. Overall, it is a lighter, more mineral driven expression of Nebbiolo. 


Grape Varieties









Serving Temperature



Fermented in steel

12 days of maceration. 

Aged for 18 months, with 12 months in large oak or chestnut barrels.


60°F  (15.5°C)

Up to 20 years

Carema DOC


100% Nebbiolo


Still, dry red wine

Morainic gravel over granite rock

Terraced hillside

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Carema_Flavor Chart.png


Deep salmon to pale garnet with a very orange edge.


Elegant and long finish.


Nose is subtle and fresh, with ripe strawberry, blueberry, dried roses, potpourri, clove, chalk, and nutmeg.


Risotto, grilled meats, pheasant, charcuterie, medium-ripe cheeses. A great alternative to Pinot Noir.

Why We Love This Wine

Carema Classico is a dry, still red wine that’s bright, like red strawberries and fresh flowers, with little tannin for a Nebbiolo. There is also very little wood influence, so in a way it is like drinking a purist expression of the grape. It is not a rosé, but can be enjoyed chilled as well as cellar temperature.

The world needs to know about the wines of Carema. This little hamlet in the Alps has produced a Nebbiolo so unique that it was granted its own DOC in 1967. The place is majestic and the vineyards unique. Rock terraces that are hundreds of years old are topped with stone pillars called Pilun that support the pergola. Harvest at this incline is carried out by hand with ladders and baskets. One has to appreciate places where traditions and wine culture run so deep.

$28 / Bottle

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Produttori di Nebbiolo di Carema




$28 / Bottle


About the Winery

The Cantina de Produttori Nebbiolo di Carema winery was founded in 1960 by a group of ten resident growers in the district, and has developed into the most qualified operation for the production and sale of Carema wine. The company is a cooperative of 45 members, with an average age of fifty-five years. They are all part-time producers, with the average land holding at under an acre. Their aim is to preserve and show the link between this unique landscape and the wine it produces. 

Images Courtesy of Produttori di Nebbiolo di Carema

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Critics Review

Stunning aromas of wild raspberries mixed with fresh violets and rose, accompanied by hints of mountain shrubs. The palate is bright with tart red berries, macchia notes and electric acidity. Fresh and pretty, this wine is incredibly tasty. Drink now–2040.

— Jeff Porter, Wine Enthusiast

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