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Produttori di Nebbiolo di Carema Selezione

Carema Selezione is a new wine to celebrate the 60th vintage for the Produttori di Carema. The grapes are selected from vineyards known to produce more intense wines.  The wine then spends two years in large oak barrels, followed by an additional year in neutral French oak barriques.


Grape Varieties









Serving Temperature



Fermented in steel.

12 days of maceration. 

2 years in cask, followed by 1 year in neutral French oak barriques.


60°F  (15.5°C)

Up to 20 years

Carema DOC


100% Nebbiolo


Still, dry red wine

Morainic gravel over granite rock

Steep terraced hillside

Wine In Glass_Carema Selezione.png
Carema_Selezione_Flavor Chart.png


Medium garnet with a very orange edge.


The Carema Selezione is the most fleshy, grainy, and full bodied of the three Carema wines. The finish is still very elegant, with ripe cherry, hickory, and dark gravel.


Ripe red cherries, orange peel, fresh red roses, pine, mocha, mint, mesquite wood, iron, chocolate dipped strawberries.


Grilled or barbecued beef or lamb, Pasta alla Bolognese, lasagna, dishes with mushrooms or smoked bacon.

Why We Love This Wine

To celebrate their 60th vintage, the Produttori di Nebbiolo di Carema has released a special, new wine: Carema Selezione. This dry, still red wine begins its aging similarity to the Riserva, with two years in large oval barrels. However, instead of being bottled, the Selezione is transferred to French 225 liter neutral barrels for a further year of aging. The French oak adds a touch of sweetness and graininess. There is also a smokiness which is an added element over their other wines, like well-done bacon cooked over mesquite wood.


Selezione is the most intense wine in the Carema lineup. There is more of everything: Fruit is riper, and the wine is the most full bodied. The wine begins to have the grainy tannin you might find in a Barolo, but countered by refreshing mountain acidity. The fruit intensity and the extra year aging create a huge color variation in the glass, from a brick color at the core, to a pale orange on the rim. It's stunning. This is a dry, still, purely red-fruited wine, ranging from strawberry to cherry to tomato, and does not cross the line the into black or stewed fruit. The overall structure is unmistakably Nebbiolo.

$45 / Bottle

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$45 / Bottle




Produttori di Nebbiolo di Carema

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Critics Review

Carema Selezione is a new wine in this range, and was: made to celebrate the winery's 60th anniversary. It is a bit riper and racier than most of the Produttori's wines, but in this appellation, that is not necessarily a bad thing, as it does mean the wines can be enjoyed with minimal cellaring. Sweet red cherry, kirsch, hard candy, mint, rose petal and orange peel are all finely knit in a Carema that offers an intriguing mix of classic structure, bright acids: and exotic red fruit character. The Selezione spent two years in cask followed by a third year in neutral French oak barriques. The French oak adds a bit of sweetness and texture, but is very nicely integrated

— Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media

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About the Winery

The Cantina de Produttori Nebbiolo di Carema winery was founded in 1960 by a group of ten resident growers in the district, and has developed into the most qualified operation for the production and sale of Carema wine. The company is a cooperative of 45 members, with an average age of fifty-five years. They are all part-time producers, with the average land holding at under an acre. Their aim is to preserve and show the link between this unique landscape and the wine it produces. 

Images Courtesy of Produttori di Nebbiolo di Carema

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