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Naturally Grown Italian Wine

Both the environment and what we consume are important to us, so we strive to import low intervention, naturally grown Italian wines that are made with as little impact on the earth as possible. All our producers work with natural systems (instead of overpowering them) and employ traditional winemaking methods.


Natural Farming

  • Soil fertility is built up using green manure and organic residues

  • Chemical fertilizers are not allowed, and replaced with compost and manure  

  • Chemical herbicides are not allowed. Sometimes it is replaced with extra mowing between the rows.

  • Animal and plant habitats are maintained to encourage biological diversity

  • Grape varieties are indigenous to the area

  • Vines are older, generally 35 to 100 years of age

Traditionally Made Italian Wine

  • No additives, such as acid, sugar, coloring, oak chips or oak powder 

  • No fancy wine making tricks, such as micro-oxygenation or multiple rackings

  • No or minimal use of new oak

  • No or minimal addition of sulfites

  • No or very little fining or filtering of the wine

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Historical Vineyards

A more unique aspect of our collection of wines is that most come from historical vineyards planted at steep slopes of 35 degrees or more. The stone terraces are 400 to 700 years old, and have been in danger of abandonment several times. The vineyards are planted only to indigenous varieties and the wines are made in much the same way they were hundreds of years ago. By purchasing a bottle, you will not only be guaranteed a traditional product, but you will be helping to preserve these unique and extremely important landscapes.

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