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Giacometto Bruno 




Giacometto Bruno  Canavese Nebbiolo

Giacometto Canavese Nebbiolo is a transcendental experience that starts with ethereal aromas of raspberry, porcini, wet pipe tobacco, eucalyptus, and dried roses. The tannin is subdued, and the components have evolved into the most lifted classic wine. Lighter and more mineral than its famous neighbors to the south, Giocometto Canavese Nebbiolo is the epitome of fine, dry red Italian wine.


Grape Varieties





Serving Temperature


Canavese DOC


100% Nebbiolo, from clones Michet, Picotenner and Lampia

Dry, red wine

Sandy gravelly soils. Acidic and poor in nutrients.


6 hectares (15 acres) total. In 2016, Bruno Giacometto started converting the vineyards to organic farming. The Nebbiolo vineyard is one hectare (2.5 acres). The vineyards are located in the best areas in the municipality that gives its name to the wine – Macellio, La Madonna and Sant’Antonio.

The harvested grapes are immediately transported to the winery.  Fermentation takes place in steel tanks for 15-20 days.


The wine is aged in larger format oak barrels for approximately one year.  After bottling, it is then aged another 6 years before release.

64°F  (17.5°C)



Up to 20 years

Vineyard Care



Giacometto Nebbiolo_Wine in Glass.png
Giacometto Bruno Nebbiolo_Flavor Chart.p


Medium garnet with orange rim


Medium intensity nose of wild cherry, smoke, porcini, Laurel, coffee grounds, wet pipe tobacco, eucalyptus, raspberry and balsamic


Sour cherry with mellow tannin and classic seamless structure


Dry-aged duck breast with cipollini onions, mushroom pizza or wild rice

Why We Love This Wine

Giocometto Canavese Nebbiolo has twice been our favorite wine in blind tastings. Maybe an advantage was that it was older than its contemporaries. It is like soup on the fourth day—everything has melded together and you taste the individual components less. However, the individual components are beautiful, and all still there. The sweet aromas of rose and raspberry are balanced by savory tones of bay leaf and eucalyptus. The wine's age adds yet another dimension with porcini mushrooms and coffee. With the tannins softened, the wine just seems to float effortlessly over the tongue. The most classic structure, with tons of lift.

The Nebbiolo vineyard is located in Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG, but cannot be labeled as such. Instead, it takes the designation reserved for other varietals, Canavese DOC. Nebbiolo has centuries of history in the Canavese. Bruno Giacometto releases the wines when he thinks they are starting to drink best, so 2012 is the current vintage for his Nebbiolo. A fantastic dinner wine, this dry red Italian wine is mellow enough for salmon but structured enough for red meat. Restaurants can share the wonders of aged Nebbiolo for a great price.

$38 / Bottle

Sold Out
Giacometto_Bruno Nebbiolo.png
Sold Out

$38 / Bottle


About the Winery

The Giacometto family has been making wine since the 16th century, starting with Erbaluce Passito. Bruno Giacometto took over the business in the 1970s, and continues the family tradition. In 2001, he invested in a new cellar and equipment and bought additional land. Today, the winery makes a little over 2,000 cases (25,000 bottles) from 15 acres. Wines include dry, sweet, and sparkling Erbaluce, as well as Nebbiolo and a Rosso. The label depicts the "Port Crealis" door that was used to close the town of Caluso at night. The coat of arms has the God Bacchus and the Nymph Albaluce supporting the shield.

Image Courtesy of Giacometto Bruno

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